Narada Kush studied for many years the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and teaches its practical applications to inspire us to follow our own, unique (inner) Path. His tools are Vedic Studies, Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Meditation, Deeksha, Satsang and Distance Education.

Narada Kush co-operates with Dutch University College and is connected with different organizations, institutes or centers in The Netherlands, in Hungary and other countries (see below). Please contact Narada for any further information or application.

Narada works together with a number of institutes in The Netherlands and abroad.

The Netherlands

Naam instituut / organisatieLink
DUC Educational Centre, Le Truel,
Blue Star Academie, Nederland/
Ayurveda Centrum Bela,
Saraswati Art Publishers,
Ananda Yoga Centrum,
Dhana Laxmi, Chittra Rijs,
TDM Diepte Meditatie Centrum
Zenschool Waalre, Yvonne
Centrum Binnenlicht,


Naam instituut / organisatieLink
Blue Star International, Trinidad &
Krishna-Valley, Somogyvamos,
Oriental/Ayurvedic Center,
Ayurveda Foundation,
Oneness University, Sri Ammabhagawan,
Kala Ashram, Udaipur,

Application for a (skype) consultation, training, workshop, lecture or presentation is possible through email or application form