Narada Kush is a well-known exponent of  the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and teaches its practical applications to inspire you to follow your own, unique (inner) Path. His effective tools are Vedic Studies, Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Vedic Meditation, and Distance Education.

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For information or application for one of the online Vocational Trainings Consultant Vedic Astrology or Consultant Ayurvedic Health Care, go to the Distance Education page.

Narada Kush also offers a Vedic Meditation Course-online for people from different backgrounds or cultures all over the world. His meditation method is called Vedic Meditation, in which he teaches you perfectly how to practice meditation daily at home in the most effective and effortless way. Easy to learn in a five steps-online course. See also: for further details and application.

Consultation Vedic Astrology-online (1,5 hrs)

Deep insight in who you are and in your destiny.

Vedic Astrology is a practical and also spiritual approach of astrology, originating from the ancient Vedic tradition of India. It explains in detail how the planetary patterns at the time of your birth provide valuable insight into your life path and how to deal with them. Vedic astrology is at the same time a life agenda and spiritual guide. In addition to the Vedic birth chart, we have an overview of all life periods and we conclude the consultation with remedies and advice to re-create balance, for example in your work or relationship, or to restore health. Usually the consultation takes place via sending a Zoom-link, which works very well. Click on the button below to apply.

Consultation Ayurveda-online (1,5 hrs)

About mental and physical constitution, lifestyle, prevention and self-healing

Ayurveda is the oldest and most natural approach to health that we know. Its starting point is including all parts of health, which means that mind, body, emotions, behavior and environment, all are included in the recovery process. Ayurveda does not see a human as a separate, living being, but as an intelligent and living part of mother nature, which is also intelligent and creative itself. From here it unfolds many natural methods and lifestyle rules to optimally bring health back to balance. Above all, with the ayurvedic approach we give more direction and content to the development of our own health and well-being. Nowadays, this consultation is also given online.

Combined Consultation Vedic Astrology-Ayurveda (2,5 hrs)

Working on and gaining a deep insight into yourself for an optimal way of life

It is possible to do a combined online-consultation Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda in which all aspects of life are discussed and applied in a practical way.


Vedic Meditation-online (in 5 steps)

For optimal health, perfect balance and spiritual development

Daily meditation practice is necessary to function in a relaxing way in our hectic world. Moreover, meditation has a spiritual purpose, namely to further develop our consciousness. This is the most enriching inner experience you can undergo in your life. Narada Kush offers the Vedic meditation course online, in which he teaches you how to meditate perfectly in five sessions of about an hour. Easy to learn, pleasant to practice and very effective. You can register for this via the button below or by first requesting more information. You can find detailed information about the importance and effects of Vedic Meditation on the site


BSA Distance Education

Do you want to work as a Vedic Teacher and Consultant yourself?

The Blue Star Academy offers two courses based on Distance Education:
1. Vocational Training Consultant in Vedic Astrology
2. Vocational Training Consultant Ayurvedic Healthcare
Both online courses take approximately 1.5 years. For general information about this, see the Distance Education page. If you would like more information about the study program and the conditions, you can request this via the contact form. Narada Kush is the tutor of these courses and has many years of experience in guidance, inspiration and motivation of the student.
In addition to these two trainings, the Blue Star Academy offers an online-course called ‘Vedic Studies’ (duration approx. 1.5 years), which is intended for students and adults who want to delve deeper into the fascinating wisdom and literature of Vedic science. For more information, see the Distance Education-page, or use the application form.


Vedic Life Center

For optimal health and perfect balance

Narada Kush is affiliated with the DUC Educational Center and is chairman of the Blue Star Academy Foundation. In addition, Narada is affiliated with the Vedic Life Center, which is active in both the Netherlands and Hungary with, among other things, Vedic meditation-online, yoga, personal training and personal consultations in the fields of Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda. Owner Ted van Lokven, together with Narada Kush, has put together a special transformation-total package under the name Inner-Transition.

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Narada Kush co-operates with a number of institutes in The Netherlands and abroad

The Netherlands

Name Institute/ OrganizationLink
Blue Star Academie, Nederland/
Vedic Life Center, St.
Saraswati Art Publishers,
Ananda Yoga Centrum,
Dhana Laxmi, Chittra Rijs,
TDM Diepte Meditatie Centrum
Zenschool Waalre/
Centrum Binnenlicht,
Yogastudio ShaktiPrana,


Name Institute/ OrganizationLink
Blue Star International, Trinidad &
Krishna-Valley, Somogyvamos,
Vedic Meditation
Bijo Energia Center, Boedapest,
Ayurveda Foundation,
Oneness University, Sri Ammabhagawan,
Kala Ashram, Udaipur,
Sparsha Ayurveda Center

Application for an online-consultation, training, workshop, lecture or presentation is possible through email or application form