Vocational Training Consultant Vedic Astrology

In this vocational training of Vedic Astrology we are taught both spiritual and practical skills in order to function as a professional consultant in this fascinating field. We will learn with that part of the Indian Astrology that involves analysis and prediction based on the Vedic birthchart. This implies that we will be learning extensively about the characteristics of the planets, zodiacal signs and houses and the varied effects that their interactions have on life.

Vedic Astrology or ‘Jyotish’ has been emerged from the primordial principle that all natural phenomena in time and space occur with great precision in such a way that these cycles can be perfectly calculated and the effects of any interactions can be analysed and predicted. The main purpose of the training is to guide people by analysis the Vedic birthchart and to relate this knowledge to the belonging periods of their lives. Moreover, Vedic Astrology provides a number of natural remedies to balance or neutralize any planetary effect which causes an obstacle in life.

This Vedic Astrology Consultant Training is facilitated personally by Narada Kush through Distance Education.

In this way you can manage your own study tempo.

Distance Education

Content of the vocational training

This Training is officially accredited by the SNRO Foundation in The Netherlands. After successful participation an official Bachelor/Master Diploma will be presented on behalf of the Dutch University for Social and Cultural Studies, nowadays established in Le Truel, Aveyron, France  (www.dutchuniversitycollege.nl).

The training consists of three main parts:

(Intake interview)

Basic Training – 22 lessons  Fee       Euro 1750,-

Extension         – 12 lessons   Fee       Euro 850,-

Muhurta           – 12 lessons    Fee      Euro 650,-

Basic Training Vedic Astrology
In this year the emphasis is on learning how to interpret a Vedic birthchart and the first steps will be learned how to give a sample consultation. De subject-matter of teaching is offered in a very systematical way. After working out the assignments of each lesson by the student, and discussing it with the teacher, further knowledge will be introduced.

The purpose of the Extension is to facilitate private consultations in a practical way and to work professionally as a Vedic Astrologer. In the past years it has shown that students all over the world were able to successfully conclude the Training and to set up their own practice.

The Muhurta part deals with how to use the Vedic Almanac (Patra or Panchanga), for instance to advice clients in fixing auspicious days and times for specific activities. This part is not obligatory for acquiring the DUC-Diploma Consultant Vedic Astrology.

The Teacher

The above mentioned Training is facilitated by Prof. Narada Kush (Dutch University College Fellow) from Holland. Narada Kush is an internationally recognized teacher and consultant in different parts of Vedic Sciences.


Enrolment takes place by sending the DUC Application Form after filling in completely and signed, and after the intake interview, by transferring the study fee.


Further information of the Training is possible through Dutch University College (DUC) in Le Truel, France, Phone (+33)0565-707313, or through the Teacher, Phone (+31)6-45052524).



“The Training has given me a clear insight in my personality and how it is related to everything and everyone around me. It has made me aware of my responsibility with respect to the people and the world in which I live. More than ever I understand the saying: a better world begins with yourself.” (After successfully concluding the Training)

“To teach is a touch of life forever. Thank you so much for your patience and loving way of teaching. I am proud to say: I learned from the BEST!” M.P. (Netherlands)

“‘The Training has given me insight in the complex but complete system of Jyotish. With keeping my own free will I am able to understand the life path of myself and others better and guiding where needed and possible.” J.S. at A. (2012)

The Training has given me the following:
* Profound knowledge and insight in life and in the cause of our existence as part of a universal whole. Trust in things which I do and which are connected to my life mission.
* A solid base for the courage to work as a ‘small independent consultant’ and to leave the safety of a normal working engagement behind.
* And above all: astonishment!’
B.T. at W. (2012)

‘The Training has given me insight in my own life and functioning. In my life I am aware that it is good to act in accordance to my birthchart and so to the cosmos. Furthermore, the Training offers me the possibility to give other people more insight in their lifes as well.’ T v D. at H. (2012)