Gemstone Recommendation

Nowadays we wear gemstones because we think that they are beautiful. However, in the past, stones were also considered to have a functional value.The gemstones were used as protection against unfavourable influences from the stars and hence a means to enhance happiness, health and a long life. The basic principle being that if a planet in the birth chart is weak, it can be strengthened by wearing a gemstone that can favourably affect this planet’s negative influence .

Choosing the correct gemstone is based on the individual’s horoscope and is an exact science; only an experienced Vedic astrologer can recommend the right gem for someone. The right stone can lead to happiness, good health and long life( Brihat Samhita), while the wrong gemstone can have ill effects on the person wearing it. In the Ayurvedic approach of holistic health care powder can be extracted from these gemstones for internal consumption.

Every planet has a gemstone which corresponds to its qualities, but because some of the stones are very expensive, an alternative more affordable stone can be recommended. The following gemstones play an important role in Vedic Astrology:

Planet: Sun
Colour: deep red
Form: oval, square

The ruby (ratnaraj) is the king of gemstones and is connected to the sun. This beautiful stone strengthens a person’s individuality. It also provides one with the strength to resist negative influences and enhances one’s ambition to develop and use innate talents. The emanations of this gem bring material success. There are a few pure and radiant rubies available that are astrologically well qualified. Prices range from € 300- (1.5-2 carat).

Planet: Moon
Colour: white or light red
Form: round

The natural pearl calms emotions and has a cooling influence. It improves concentration during meditation. It can bring wealth and abundance into your life. There are a few beautiful natural pearls available from € 100-, (2 carat). One can wear it in a ring or in a ‘basket’ on a silver necklace.

Planet: Mars
Colour: red
Form: oval, cylinder

The red coral strengthens Mars’s qualities such as self confidence, a sharp intellect, management skills and a healthy energy. It gives one the strength to fulfil their desires. It is not easy to find this protected and rare coral as it is illegal to import , but there are still a few 2-3 carat pieces available from € 80.-

Planet: Mercury
Colour: green
Form: square, oval

The emerald enhances Mercury’s influence in a positive manner. It also heightens intelligence and gives one the strength to complete one’s search for the answers to life’s mysteries. It helps the person wearing it to be humorous, friendly, and obliging. As well, it helps in attaining knowledge and enhances our ability to learn. There are a few beautiful emeralds available from € 250.-

Planet: Jupiter
Colour: Clear yellow
Form: Round, oval

The yellow sapphire is connected to Jupiter, symbol of spirituality and Divine Grace. (ink changed? ) This gorgeous stone imparts wisdom, insight, joy and a long life to the person wearing it. It protects against negative influences and helps women looking for the right partner. There are a few beautiful stones (1.5 carat) available from € 300.-

Planet: Venus
Colour: White
Form: Round, oval, square

The gemstone for Venus is the diamond, but these (2-3 carat) diamonds are so expensive that they are almost unaffordable. A good alternative for the diamond is the white sapphire. It is a beautiful stone which is a good alternative and much less expensive. The white sapphire strengthens the qualities influenced by Venus such as charm, attentive relationships, wealth and clarity of mind. It strengthens the ability to bring harmony to oneself. There are a few beautiful white sapphires (2 carat) available from €120.-

Planet: Saturn
Colour: Blue
Form: oval, squere

The blue sapphire strengthens Saturn’s positive qualities, such as trustworthiness, honesty, integrity and servitude. It intensifies both meditation and prayer, and ensures that one is loyal to one’s partner. The stone gives one’s character consistency and tenacity. It also neutralizes the negative effects of Saturn (if shown in the birth chart). There are a few examples available from €165.-

Planet: Rahu
Colour: Brown
Form: oval, square

In Vedic astrology the hessonite is associated with the “shadow planet” Rahu. Rahu symbolizes the masculine ancestral karma that can be neutralized. The hessonite reduces the negative influences of Rahu, such as fear, lack of self confidence, sickness and a lack of life energy. Wearing it in the main period of Rahu, which is a period of 18 years in one’s life, leads to an alleviation of sickness and the diminishing of mayor problems. There are a few pretty pieces available from €80.- and they all contain the proper astrological properties.

Planet: Ketu
Colour: Yellow- brown
Form: Oval, round

In Vedic astrology the cat’s eye or chrysoberyl is associated with the planet Ketu. The cat’s eye can alleviate suffering caused by Ketu. It can also generate the power necessary to obtain/experience cosmic consciousness. Especially in the main period of Ketu (7 years) this gemstone can diminish fears, disease and obstacles found on the path. Ketu reflects the feminine influences of our ancestors as well as all past deeds.This gemstone has a notable fluorescent streak in its middle There are only a few stones available from €75.-


A gemstone should possess good qualities, be pure and clear and be free of any impurities. They are supposed to be worn making contact with the skin. It is also important to know how to clean gemstones and how to energize them. A mantra could be used for this purpose. A Vedic astrologer can give further instructions on how to wear these beautiful items; which finger should be used and when a gemstone should be worn for the first time.