Blue Star International
Sadguru Sri Vasudava is the founder and head of the Blue Star organisation in Trinidad and Tobago. This spiritual center was founded in the year 1993, and since then it has expanded beautifully. Blue Star Centers are located in Canada, USA and Europe, including The Netherlands. Narada Kush is affiliated with Blue Star International since 2002 and works as a teacher and consultant. See also and

Spiritual Center Binnenlicht, Den Burg, Texel
Jantje Visser is the general manager of the spiritual shop and center Binnenlicht in Den Burg, located on the beautiful and peaceful island of Texel, Netherlands. In the shop a large collection of gemstones, tarotdecks, mala’s, spiritual books and much more is offered. Besides offering lectures and workshops Jantje organizes consultationdays on Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda, and Vedic Meditation courses, in co-operation with Narada Kush. Phone +31-6-16517752.

Course on Vedic Meditation-online

Narada Kush facilitates a Vedic Meditation Course online (via Zoom) in five steps of about one hour. He has 40 years experience with teaching meditation to people all over the world. The real and only purpose of practicing meditation is to connect our active mind with its inner field of pure consciousness. Vedic Meditation supports this purpose, is easy to practice and has very special, holistic benefits, including on our brain functioning, mind, body, activity and environment. Vedic Meditation has been developed thousands of years ago by the Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters.

Kala Ashram Foundation-India
Kala Ashram Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust, indulged in Health Care and Education. Her aims and objectives are to establish, develop and maintain Hospitals, Schools, Medical Colleges of all streams, Nursing Institutions, Dispensaries, Alternative Medicine Centers, Maternity Homes, Child Welfare Centers and/or such other similar Charitable Institutes in India for the benefit and use of the general public. Its seat and residence is in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Founders and directors are Dr. Dinesh Khatri and Dr. Saroj Sharma. Narada Kush and Zsuzsi Csiszar are members of this Foundation.

Krishna Hill Healing Home, Hungary
In 2023 Narada and Zsuzsi have started Krishna Hill Healing Home in Somogyvámos, Hungary, at the border of the eco-community Krishna-valley (

People from Hungary and abroad are invited to our beautiful, renovated home in Somogyvámos. 2-3 days  weekend sessions are hold of 4-6 people each month for all those who want to continue their lives in the best direction for them, to complete themselves. Karma cleansing, healing, yoga camp, Vedic astrology consultation and Ayurvedic abhyanga & therapeutic massage will be offered. Krishna Hill  has own guestrooms for accommodation.

Yogashram Amsterdam
Yogashram Amsterdam is the mission of Rosita Kalidien to add more inspiration, light and joy to this world. Rosita facilitates yoga lessons and co-operates with other teachers to uplift the quality of life of people. Narada Kush is closely related to Yogashram Amsterdam and facilitates meditation courses and consultations in the fields of Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda.

Diepte Meditatie Centrum Lelystad
TDM Center Netherlands has been founded in 2002 by the meditation teachers Hilda Postema and Pieter Post. Besides a large offering of spiritual programs they provide courses in Transcendental Deep Meditation and offer also the vocational training to become a TDM Teacher. This training is a fully accredited education for therapists and practizers in the field of health care. Also see

Ananda Yoga Centre, Ellecom
The Ananda Yoga Centre was established by Dorien van den Berg and Sri Yoganand (Chris Gerritsen). Yoga has been an integral part of their lives for more than 29 years. They have a unique relationship with their beloved Teacher Sri Vasudeva (founder of Blue Star) and are deeply inspired by his love and wisdom. Narada Visser has held several of his workshops and consultations at this beautiful centre.

Ayurveda Foundation, Hungary
Since its start in 1991, the Ayurveda Foundation in Hungary has been making permanent efforts to achieve its main goal: the introduction of the ancient philosophy of the holistic approach of Ayurveda and its natural health- and beauty-care products in Hungary, Narada Visser is associated with this Foundation.

Saraswati Art Publishers, Amsterdam
Saraswati Art Publishers publishes books primarily on the Vedic (Ancient Indian) arts, philosophy and culture. The company in Amsterdam also represents a number of Indian publishers. Narada Kush has written several books on Vedic Science and philosophy, published by SA Publishers. Three of these books are written for children.

Ayurvedic Beauty Salon Dhana Laxmi
Chittra Rijs is the manager of an Ayurvedic Beauty Center in Haarlem, near Amsterdam. Attention, quality, peace of mind and natural products are her specialities. Ayurveda is intimately connected to Vedic Astrology, like two sisters. Chittra facilitates consultation days in Vedic astrology, co-operating with Vedic astrologer Narada Kush.