Vedic Teacher and Astrologer, Consultant and Writer

Narada Kush (Narada Visser) studied law and environmental planning at the University of Groningen (1968-1974) and has been working for a number of years as a jurist in government service in The Hague. In 1980 he decided to give up his civil career.  After this he worked as a meditation teacher, trainer, and consultant for different organizations in Holland and abroad.

In 1984 His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi appointed him to Chief-Minister of Information & Inspiration of the European Council which had its seat at the Maharishi European Continental Capital at Vlodrop, Holland.

From 1986-1990 Narada Kush has served as the general manager of the Management Institute RITAM in Wassenaar. In 1990 he was appointed to become the Vice-Chancellor of Maharishi Vedic University in The Netherlands.

In 1993 Narada attended the international Teacher Training Course in Vedic Astrology in Seelisberg, Switzerland. In the years 1990-1994 he was invited to visit the Netherlands Antilles and Surinam to teach on different topics, including Vedic Management at the University of the Netherlands Antilles. In August 1998 Narada Kush visited Trinidad & Tobago and met Sadguru Sri Vasudeva, a self-realized spiritual Master. Narada Kush became an international member of his organization and spend every year several weeks in the international Blue Star Ashram in Trinidad. Since 2000 the Blue Star has become a very lively organization in Holland with one head centre in Loenen and some local centres. 

Narada Kush is honoured in 2008 with the International Ayurveda Kala Ashram Award in Udaipur, India. For a number of years he worked in different countries, including Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and India.

Narada Kush is since 2008 associated with the Dutch University College for Social and Cultural Studies (DUC). This institute offers through distance education a 1-year study program in Vedic Studies (Bachelor degree) and with a possibility 2/3 year for Master degree. DUC offers further the vocational training Consultant Vedic Astrology and the vocational training Consultant Ayurveda through online education. These programs are facilitated by Narada Kush, who is (Ass) Professor and Fellow of the Dutch University College.

In 2017 Narada was connected to the Blue Star Academy in Holland but since then he lives and works in Hungary as a Vedic teacher and consultant.

My philosophy

In my own life I allow myself to be guided by the supreme intelligence (Krishna) of the universe in which I feel trust and happiness. Personally, I consider it as being important to work on myself in freedom and in connection with that toward a world in which peace and harmony are lively themes. I am convinced that it is possible that we can prepare ourselves properly for the huge spiritual world transformation which is in front of us.

I respect all traditions of wisdom which are focused primarily on the wellbeing of all people in the world. From the highly-civilized Vedic tradition of wisdom have come many practical tools which I have tested and applied. They provide us with the instruments to powerfully deepen our inner experience of Being and to seek and develop unconditional love for others. It is my opinion that the beauty of life is treasured in these ancient values and applications.

Origin of names Kush and Narada

Narada KushThe Indian name Kush means: Happiness. This name appears in the epic Ramayana, in which Sri Rama and his wife Sita play the leading part. Sita receives a pair of twins with the names Lava (= Love) and Kusha (= Happines). After Rama’s passing away Kush(a), being Rama’s successor, was crowned as the king of Ayodhya.

In May 2005 Sri Vasudeva, Kush’ spiritual teacher from Trinidad & Tobago, blessed him with the spiritual name Narada. In the Vedic Tradition is Narada the messenger of the gods and is known as a great saint, astrologer and devotee of Narayana (Krishna).

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