VEDISCH LEVEN/Leefstijl, Preventie & Zelfheling, with Foreword of  Sri Vasudeva, Narada Kush, 630 pages Gopher BV Publishers, ISBN 9789492984234 Gebonden € 59,90


The subject of this book, “Vedic Life – Lifestyle, Prevention and Self-Healing” is a very relevant one in today’s world. What we have been taught in our society leaves much to be desired. We need the ancient wisdom that has been with us for thousands of years, teaching us the holistic way of life. Therein lies the secret that can help us to deal effectively with the challenges of today. This book goes into detail on the ideal lifestyle for health, happiness, and fulfillment. It explores the natural rhythms of life and how to live in harmony with them. It gives insights into every important area of human life that will equip us for life’s journey and challenges. Our bodies have been designed with a powerful self-healing system. We need to tap into the wisdom and practices that are focused on this support system. This is beautifully laid out and simply expressed in this book (Sri Vasudeva).

HET EPOS RAMAYANA; SA-Publishers Amsterdam ISBN 978-90-76389-00-4, 454 pages, € 32,50
Publications   The epic Ramayana is a very holy scripture with a profound symbolism. Its wisdom is of eternal value and explains very precisely and detailed each step in the evolution of mankind. Narada Kush not only narrates this magic story in a beautiful way but explains also its deeper meaning for the present time. Especially at this moment in the world, witnessing a deep spiritual transformation in our thinking and being, reading of the Ramayana is of greatest value to understand fully our role and purpose in this physical existence. Besides this, we can learn a lot about an ideal administration, as has been indicated by the perfect rulership of Sri Rama. 
HINDOEHUWELIJK, SA Publications ISBN 978 90 76389 7, 143 pages, € 24,50.
Publications   In this book Narada Kush explains the way to a happy relationship between husband and wife according to Vedic principles of life. In the Vedic marriage the wife takes care of her husband for his progress in love, wisdom and tolerance and the husband is in the ideal situation completely devoted to his wife. This is still an actual theme in our world today. In this way both husband and wife receive maximum and is the marriage a powerful and spiritual tool to support each others needs. Narada Kush gives a complete overview of the Vedic wedding rituals, their origin and deeper, symbolic meaning.
MAHARISHI AYURVEDA/ Be healthy and remain healthy. Mirananda 1989, sold out ISBN 90 6271 788 8 Dr. Ed Verhoeff and Coos Visser.
Publications   Ayurveda is an ancient and efficient system for holistic health care that embraces both the prevention and cure of illnesses. It offers natural health programs which allow us to live in harmony with our inner Self and the environment. This book not only contains extensive information on Ayurvedic principles and programs but also gives many practical tips on diet & nutrition and how to become more healthy, happy and wise. The ultimate goal of Ayurveda is the achievement of Self-realization for every living being on earth. 
DO LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE, Mirananda 1995/2002, 2nd print, ISBN 90 6271 858 2; 102 pages; Dr.Ed Verhoeff and Coos Visser
Publications   Our perception of the world change as soon as we understand that life is a river that flows naturally in the right direction. Nature has an incredible ability to regulate itself. Consider for a moment the infinite wisdom of our bodies every moment of the day as it shows its own intelligence. All of this flows in a natural way without any effort. We can learn to make use of this intelligence and power in our daily lives. This book contains practical techniques and tips for a life in harmony with nature as a foundation for successful living.
THE SELF AS LEADER, Mirananda 1998, sold out, ISBN 90 6271 872 8; 272 pages; Dr. Ed Verhoeff and Coos Visser
Publications   This book relates the story of a health care institution that had problems because of a threatening fusion. An amazing transformation occurred in the organization because both managers and employees were taught, step by step, the ancient principles of the Vedic Teachings and were taught to meditate.
This book offers the keys to personal happiness and to spiritual growth following the techniques of the transformation process to our higher Self.
HINDUISM/ Back to the Source, Saraswati Art 1999/2006, 4th print, ISBN 90 7638 902 0, 220 pages. € 19.50. Mr. Coos Visser 
Publications   This book explains in a very open and systematic  way that Hinduism is not only a philosophy but also a way of life that allocates all natural elements, both material and subtle or spiritual to their assigned place. The foundation of Hinduism has its origins in the Vedas, the oldest written records known to humanity. The Vedic wisdom is not based on the human intellect but has been emerged on the revelations of the ancient seers. This book proves that in our time of increasing spiritual world consciousness the Vedic wisdom once again reveals itself as the perfect spiritual guide, showing humanity the way to freedom. 
JAN -OUT OF BALANCE. Tattwa Publisher, 2004, ISBN 90 7640 711 8; 160 pages; Narada Kush; Illustrations: Ilène Themen
Publications   Narada Kush explains that our current approach to progress of life can not lead to the fulfillment of our desires. With his typical sense of humor he describes the dubious practices of Mr. Jan Politics, Jan Bank, Jan Health Care, Jan Multi and Jan Insurance.

There is so much wrong in the way that we as humans relate to each other, the earth and the cosmos that Kush wisely offers several programs (such as solving traffic-jam problems) and therapies (such as a new attitude of enhancing the relationships with 3 rd world countries.) This is a book that will open the eyes of many and is recommended to read by everyone.

DE VEDA’S For Everyone, SA Publishers, 2006; ISBN 90 7638 907 1; 350 pages; € 24,50 Narada Kush

The Vedas are the oldest records of mankind and their divine wisdom has been revealed in a very scientific way. At the same time the Vedic hymns are no more properly understood and their profound meaning is no more accessible for most of human beings. But the immense profundity of the Vedic wisdom is absolutely fascinating for any seeker of Truth and shows the infinite  wealth of humanity’s spiritual inheritance. Part 1 relates to the ancient wisdom that form the basis of the Vedas and Vedic literature, while Part 2 gives several practical tips of how to implement the Vedas in our daily life. This book has been published in the Dutch, Hungarian and Russian languages. 

Vedic Astrology/Analysis and Practical, Application; 495 pages, Saraswati Art Publishers, September 2008; ISBN 978-90-76389-09-7, € 29,50
Publications   Vedic Astrology is the very profound and scientific wisdom of how we think and act as human beings in relationship with the universe. As above so below is a very true paradigm. This publication of Narada Kush provides in Part 1 a complete explanation of the analysis and interpretation of a Vedic Birthchart. Part 2 gives the step by step description how we can use the Vedic Moon Calendar or Panchanga for the correct planning of auspicious days and times for special activities, such as marriage, entering a new house or signing a contract. Narada Kush facilitates an online vocational Training Consultant Vedic Astrology, based on the Vedic wisdom provided by this book.
Changing in the Air? 2012 and further; 12 authors, incl. Narada Kush, 400 pages, Tattwa Publisher, Nov. 11, 2011 ISBN 978.90.76407.005; € 25,95
Publications   The magic year 2012: everywhere in the world we notice that old structures are falling down and that new initiatives are coming up. Has the human race reached a new point in his process of evolution? And if yes, what does this mean? This book gives insight from different viewpoints in what way we can contribute ourselves to a time of transformation and growth. These are just some of the aspects which are explained in this special book.



Since time immemorial, the narrative form used for the deeper meaning of life and existence to a wider audience accessible. In his children’s books Narada Kush transforms the Vedic wisdom to the youth of this time (8-12 years). In an exciting way he brings the heroes of the ancient Indian culture to life. But it appears that these books for the elderly to read are very worthy too.
RAMA, THE WISE PRINCE, Saraswati Art Publishers, 2001; ISBN 90 7638 903 9; 96 pages; Narada Kush Illustrations: Ramdew Krishna
Publications   One day Rama, together with his wife Sita and his younger brother Lakshmana, were exciled to the forest for a period of 14 years. On the island Lanka lived a cruel demon king named Ravana. He kidnapped Sita and held her prisoner in a secret place in the garden of his palace. Rama and Lakshmana immediately began their frantic and determined search to find Sita and set her free. They received a lot of support from Hanuman, the chief of the apes, and from the ape- and bear folk. Finally Rama killed Ravana and was re-united with Sita again.
ARJUNA, THE BRAVE WARRIOR, Saraswati Art Publishers, 2003; ISBN 90 7638 904 7; 102 pages; Narada Kush Illustrations: Ramdew Krishna
Publications   Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers and the best archer of his time, had a very special bond with Lord Krishna. He asked his friend Lord Krishna for advice after a fierce war broke out. Krishna explained that it is sometimes necessary to fight in order to eliminate the evil powers in life. Arjuna understood this and was then able to fulfil his duty as a brave warrior without any consideration of either reward or defeat. This is a very exciting book for our modern youth.
HANUMAN, THE LOYAL SERVANT, Saraswati Art Publishers, 2006, ISBN 90 7638; 108 pages; Narada Kush
Publications   When Hanuman was still a child he had tremendous powers and was able to fly. He later became Sri Rama’s loyal servant and was asked to search for and to find Sri Rama’s wife Sita, who had been kidnapped by the demon king Ravana. Following several finger- nail- biting adventures Hanuman finds Sita finally on the island Lanka, where the cruel demon king Ravana is holding her prisoner. Sri Rama then comes to Lanka with his army of apes and bears, kills Ravana in the battle and sets Sita free. Valiant Hanuman plays a very important role in this story.

This is an exciting story with many beautiful illustrated pictures for children of 8 years and older.