Hello Kush ,
I must admit that meeting Lea, and through her, you, has really impacted me. I have had many unanswered questions for a long time and for the first time I feel like answers and understanding are coming my way. At least, I am optimistic and I hope this is so. In other words, I can barely wait for your return so I can bombard you with my questions you did say to bother you at any time!!! I am not sure that you understand fully what you gave me permission to do!
If I were to consider as fact some of the “realities of life” you have opened up my eyes to, I believe I should thank you for coming into my life, and so I do – THANK YOU.
Mrs D.S. (Canada), 2005

Hello Kush,
It has been a long time since we spoke to each other. I came to see you for a consultation in Lelystad on September 30 th and returned home deeply impressed by what you had told me. I felt empowered in my daily activities and with regards to what I hope to do in my future. I would like to know more about Indian Astrology and hope that you will be giving this training again next September. I would like to remain informed of any new developments/activities. Again I would like to thank you for the fine discussion that we had in September.
I.K (Holland) 2005

Dear Narada Kush,
What can I say about you – such an open hearted and brilliant soul from whom I have learned a great deal. It is a pleasure to work with you and study from you. You have a lot to offer to this world.
U.Y.K., (Canada), 2005

During the vedic astrology consultation last summer you informed me that in April/May of this year would be a favourable period with regards to my situation regarding employment (unemployment). Your explanation was correct and I can assure you that it still is. Your announcement was true that there would be employment opportunities for me in this period and that I would be needed for work.

Last March there indeed was a favourable turn of events after a period of 2 ½ years of unemployment. I started my new job on April 1 st with an organization for flexible work and began as a branch manager in an office in Apeldoorn. In the beginning there was a trial period which originated from the UWV and the following summer this led to a steady job with all of the social benefits.

Personally I did have a lot of faith that things would work out and your explanation strengthened this thought. I am very happy that this was true.
W. (Holland) 2006

Dear Kush!
Thank you for the nice days! That remains to me in eternal memory! I am also happy that you’ve met!
R. P. (Hongarije), 2005

A day on which one does not laugh is a wasted day. / Charlie Chaplin /
You can laecheln from the heart! This is miraculous!
J. K. (Hongarije), 2005

Dear Dr. Kush,
Six very good days have passed since I met you in Budapest. I`ve started to meditate every day and saying, preaching the mantra that you gave me. Already now I feel more quiet, less nervous and excited about the concert I have to give next month. I definitely want to take part at your meditation workshop next time. So I would like to kindly ask you whether you already know the exact time when you will be again in Budapest? I regularly travel to Germany and I want to make sure that I am in Budapest when you come.
I`m very much looking forward meeting you again…viele herzliche Grüsse!
T. D. (Hungary), 2006

Dear Kush!
I’m very sorry that I couldn’t meet you int he last time when you were in Mantra College. I hope you like our students because they are liking to you and your mood of taking lectures and your themes.
I want to thank you that you came to us and have given your lectures! It was delightful to work with you! I hope we will meet in the future. I wish you all the best
Director Mantra University Budapest (2007)

Namaskar Kush,
I loved the astrology consultation. It was special and it really helped me to develop more insight and acceptance for the process that I am now going through. The CD-recording worked out well. I will treasure it and keep it safe. It will be nice to listen to it again in several years. I shall see if I can find a wealthy man to marry???
It is wonderful to listen to and chant the mantra (you gave me).
I hope you have a wonderful time in Trinidad.
Much love,
S. (2007)

Dear Narada Kush,
I was very impressed about your reading of my birth chart. I didn’t want to confirm too much at that time (unless you asked me) because I thought you were a mind-reader! Everything was so precise! And I wanted to know what the stars have to say, besides my confirmations.
I’m very happy that I met you. You made me feel that I’m made of stars and pieces of the Universe and that I can communicate with the planet energies.
Thank you very much.
L.N. (Romania, 2009)

Dear Kush,
Last Sunday you have read our life horoscopes according to Vedic astrology. We enjoyed the contact with you very much. We are very happy with it and got positive energy again through it. Thanks a lot!
P. and M. (spring 2010)

Namaste Dear Kush,
Thanks for the comprehensive consultation. It was very inspiring for me. Finally I know how to take action for my personal development. I was looking a long time for it and now fortunately I got the instruments to work with it.
The ayurvedic massage did me a lot of good. I feel much lighter and flexible. My shoulder has become more movable. I certainly will come back. How often should it be?
Thanks a lot.
Mrs. R.S. (Holland), Summer 2010

Hi Kush,
Margot and I thoroughly enjoyed our Skype-time with you on Sunday. You have such a natural gift for this work- your ability to come through in such a compassionate way is amazing! Thank you for bringing this work to the world. I know Margot said she was on a high into Sunday evening!
S.P. (Canada), voorjaar 2011