How to use Vedic Astrology in Daily Life

Vedic Astrology, or in Sanskrit ‘Jyotish’, is one of the most important practical applications of Rig Veda. The word Jyotish refers to the most excellent of all lights, which is our inner light. All the Upanishads (scriptures of wisdom dealing with the Self) declare that our inner light, the light of consciousness, is the light of all lights, the source of all visible lights. It is identified with the eternal light of the Creator of the universe. A famous sage in the Upanishads declares that when all the visible lights (like the Sun and the Moon) have gone, the inner light of the Self remains, guiding man in all his thoughts and actions.

Planets, Houses and Signs

In Vedic Astrology there are three ingredients that make up a birth chart or horoscope. Just as in western astrology we use the 9 planets, the 12 houses and the 12 signs of the zodiac:

1. The planets are the energies which are transforming all the time, creating different effects. They represent the dynamical values in life, responsible for the evolution of every single item in creation, including human beings.

2. The houses represent the areas of life which are affected by the planets. It is in the houses that the transformations of the planets are displayed. They form the fixed framework for the ever changing transformations of the planets.

3. The signs of the zodiac are the intelligence aspects which underlie the whole universe; they give different colours or flavours to the planets and the houses. They localise the planets and houses in the time-value of the whole universe. They give indications of the innermost nature of a person, one’s temperament, etc. The sign which is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth – the ascendant – is the main indicator of one’s personality.

So we can say that Vedic Astrology is the study of the positions of heavenly bodies like Sun, Moon, Mars etc. with respect to the zodiac signs and the interpretation of their effects in the life of an individual, a country or the whole world. In a way we can compare the houses, planets and zodiac signs with our body, mind and soul. It is in the planets that the signs and the houses find a common meeting ground. In a similar way, the soul and the body find a common meeting ground in the mind. It is the mind that creates a lively connection between the soul and the body. This is interesting because it implies that by changing our mind we also can change the influence of the planets. That is the reason why it is so useful to study Vedic Astrology because in that way we learn to know our karma and how to deal with it. As per Vedic Science, what will happen to us in this life is predetermined and based on the karma of our past lives. Astrology provides us with an insight in our quest to shape our destiny and to avoid future obstacles.

Vedic Astrology shows who we are, our skills, our weaknesses, our possibilities. It is also used for time planning — how we plan our life, what we do this year, what we do next year, or what better not to do. The Vedic calendar, based on the Moon cycle, gives auspicious days and so we can make optimal use of the influences of the planets. Now sometimes they fight a little bit with us, sometimes they support us. Sometimes the planets work more neutral. What is going on in the universe is going on in us. The Sun, for example, is not only the Sun that we can see. The Sun is also the inner light in us; it’s our Self, our consciousness, our awareness. So all the qualities which are in the universe are also in us and because the transformations are different . . . life is changing all the time. This is our experience in daily life. The moment we know which changes can be expected, we can do so many things to support it in the most desirable direction. “Avoid the danger that has not yet come” is an old saying based on astrology.

Traditionally, Jyotish has been regarded as the eyes of the Vedas, the eyes of pure knowledge, by which the structure of the Vedas itself can be known and understood. In this workshop we will go deep into the structure of Vedic Astrology and its tools to change our lives in a most evolutionary direction. The birth charts of famous persons will be shown as examples how the chart can be interpreted and how we can use this knowledge in an effective way.

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