The Indian astrologers of the ancient Vedic civilization were far ahead of their time. They had a deep understanding of the mathematical composition of the universe and the constant transformations of stars and planets. They were able to derive effects for every living being who is subject to the cycle of life and death. The planets in the horoscope are the expressions of creative intelligence which influences our lives all the time.

The advantage of Vedic (from ancient India) astrology is that it has been preserved throughout the ages in all its purity. This offers opportunities to gain a deep understanding of who and what we are, what phase of our life we are in and how we can neutralize and re-balance potential obstacles in our life.

Vedic astrology knows how to connect all relevant parts (signs, planets, houses) with the greatest possible precision. It is also known as Jyotish (literally: divine light) and is called the eye of the Veda. Its purpose is to let the light of Atman or pure consciousness shine into the heart of every human being. Practically, it supports the fulfillment of the four purposes of human existence: dharma (your allotted duty), artha (comfort), kama (fulfillment of desires, pleasures) and moksha (spiritual liberation).

What’s so special about Vedic astrology? Firstly, it (like Ayurveda, Yoga, etc.) comes straight from the ancient tradition of Vedic wisdom. Secondly, it is a very clear, holistic tool for clarifying everything that has to do with you and with your circumstances. A consultation generally consists of three parts:
1. The Vedic birth chart
2. The periods of life
3. The astrological remedies and recommendations

If one has no idea where America is, it is difficult to sail there. When one is in the possession of an atlas, which very accurately indicates the degrees of longitude and latitude, it suddenly becomes a lot easier. A wise person allows himself to be guided by the cosmic influences, adjusts to them and makes effective use of them.

An online consultation (via Skype or Zoom) based on Vedic astrology will take appr. 1,5 hours and is facilitated by Narada Kush.

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