The Divine Joy of Vedic Chanting

“Mantra’s are sacred sounds. They protect and energise the mind while keeping us in the present moment.” – Sri Vasudeva

Vedic chanting is a joyful way to learn more about ourselves, our true being. It has been practiced from time immemorial by great beings and they have inspired others to practice it as well. The enlightened teachers say that chanting should be practiced daily. It is known as bhakti yoga but in fact it embraces all aspects of yoga and grants all its rewards. In his Nectar of Chanting Swami Muktananda explains that chanting includes mastery of a posture ( asana ), a pose ( mudra ), gazing at a fixed point ( trataka ) and one-pointedness of mind ( dhyana ) as one has to concentrate on the divine chant. In this way one enjoys the flow of love released by the chants.

Coming together in Satsang

Participating in a satsang (assemblee of divine souls) can intensify energy running through us and we can experience great joy and fulfilment. Our consciousness can be raised and expanded by the energy that is generated while we chant – everything is possible – and our spiritual growth is enhanced and accelerated. Our experience with the inner source is intensified and stabilized. With the help of the Source our relationships improve, we learn to cope with disappointments, fears and loneliness, and we are strengthened and become more aware of who we are. One says that life is not easy, which is true, but we can learn from what is occurring in our lives and go with the flow. Changes are a part of life. Nothing is new and not what it appears to be. The universe speaks to us constantly through the circumstances and it is imperative not to allow the situations to lead us, but become masters of our own lives.

‘Chanting is more than just repeating words, it is an expression of divine enrgy from our being. It brings about a transformation of energy, the heart opens up, negative emotions disappear and positive emotions enter. Through chanting you have an opportunity to experience God’s presence within you. Chanting is a divine exercise.’ – Sri Vasudeva

Often Satsangs are held in which Narada Kush supports the singing and plays on his Indian harmonium.

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