Patanjali Yoga Sutras & Meditation

There are many types of yoga. Actually each of the energy centres in the subtle body (chakras) is connected with a type of yoga. Some types of yoga are: the yoga of knowledge, the yoga of devotion and the yoga of action. Most well known is Raja Yoga, the yoga of balancing mind, body and spirit. Yoga is very important because all of us, we feel and experience that we are limited in our mental thinking and in our behaviour. Sometimes we are upset or afraid or irritated by other human beings. This shows our own imbalances. So there is a lot to do in the human being to grow more in awareness, in balancing ourselves. The foundation is just to grow in the direction of who we really are inside, to discover what our real nature is. ). The idea of yoga is uniting with the Source. Over the many years that I have practised yoga and meditation myself I developed the experience that there is an infinite source to which all of us are connected, and that it is possible to connect with that source.

The value of meditation

In Narada Kush’s workshops we will spend time on understanding what meditation is and on different ways of practice. Meditation is a powerful way of going within, uniting with our Source, identifying and becoming one with the Source. We will see and experience how important this practice is on the spiritual journey. It requires the use of every tool that we have: the intellect, the ego, mind, emotion and body with senses. Meditation is being able to use these tools to uncover that Source within us and to bring it into expression.

Meditation is not something new that we are now learning. We see it even in the ancient cultures when people took time off retreating from their busy way of living to go inside and to relate to the Source, seeking to create a relationship with it. It’s amazing, isn’t it?Then with more understanding we see human beings beginning to close their eyes and go within in trying to honour, invoke or get the blessings or favour of this great Being that is in control of the world. Why the act of going within? Somehow inside we know that we can touch this power by going inside.We see it in all cultures; in praying they close their eyes and tend to go inside. Also in the Bible we find the statement: “Be still and know that I am God.”It means being still and acknowledging the presence of a greater power inside. We see that this practice has been there for ages, and in praying people tend to go inside and pray quietly or loudly. It is said that praying is talking to God, but meditation is listening who God is.

Begin to think about the practice of meditation; begin to identity with a practice that suits you; begin to explore the world of meditation.When we are growing, then also our environment will grow more and more with us. So if we want to make any nice contribution to our family or friends, or to society as a whole, then the best thing is to transform yourself through spiritual discipline — yoga exercises, meditation. All this will be a great help to the whole society, for the whole world.

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