Vedic Meditation

There are infinite possibilities for us to grow in awareness, in balancing ourselves. The purpose of life is to discover of who we really are, to experience and enliven our true nature. There are many types of practicing meditation. The purpose of Vedic Meditation is to allow our active mind to connect with its inner Source. Through Vedic Meditation this is a very effortless and joyful process. Just to enliven this inner Source, the Source of peace and happiness, will change our life in a most beautiful and effective way. Easy to learn, easy to practice and naturally enjoying the benefits in our daily lives!

The Value of Vedic Meditation

Our real world is the inner world. Somehow we know that we can touch a greater power by going inside. We see it in all cultures; in meditation we just close our eyes and go inside. Also in the Bible we find the wise statement: “Be still and know that I am God.” It means being still and acknowledging the presence of the infinite Source within. We see that this practice has been there for ages, only in the modern, western world it has been mainly forgotten.

Begin to think about the practice of Vedic Meditation; start a meditation practice that suits you; begin to explore the world within. When we are growing in consciousness, then also our environment will grow together with us. So, if we want to make the best contribution to our family or friends, or to society as a whole, then the best thing is to transform ourselves through spiritual practice — transforming the world by transforming ourselves. Vedic Meditation is the way. Go to to apply for the Vedic Meditation-online course which is personally facilitated by Narada Kush.


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